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GRENADES : Empire BT M8 Paint Grenade
Empire BT M8 Paint Grenade


The grenades must only be used at a licensed Paintball and/or GellBall venue in which all players and staff are wearing safety goggles. Permission must be obtained from the venue operator prior to use. These should not be used / on display in a public place. Using the grenade innapropiately may cause harm to another person or the user. Only charge the grenade when ready to use and throw in a direction immediately once the pin has been pulled. Throw in a direction that will not make contact or within 3 meters of a person.

Empire BT M8 Paint Grenade
Product Code: HSPB8863

  • Uses genuine RPS Advanced Formula paint
  • Sprays paint in excess of 30 feet
  • Grenade throws paint in an arc
  • Bright yellow fill leaves a substantial mark
  • 8 ozs. of paint ammunition

Price: AUD $12.00

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