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CLEANING EQUIPMENT : Exalt Pod Swab - Lime
Exalt Pod Swab - Lime
Exalt Pod Swab - Lime
Product Code: HSPB9454

The Exalt Pod Swab is the first true "designed for paintball" pod swab that is made of durable, injection molded components and synthetic microfiber. Our Universal Pod Swab is composed of a replaceable synthetic microfiber-blend "sleeve" that can clean the interior of any pod (like those troublesome dimples on LockLid) with its polishing fingers. The sleeve can be removed for cleaning (or replaced), and is fastened to a reinforced polymer shaft that runs the entire length of the swab for maximum strength and rigidity. This swab is meant to last, and won't break or snap in half during use. Each swab has an integrated polymer loop and includes a laser-engraved carabiner to hang in the pits or off your bag for carrying.

Price: AUD $25.00

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