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PAINTBALL GUNS / MARKERS : FIELD ONE : Field One - Force - Dust Titanium
Field One - Force - Dust Titanium

Field One - Force - Dust Titanium
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Product Code: HSPB10764

The Force paintball marker is the product of thoughtful design, professional grade performance goals and extensive testing in some of the most demanding playing conditions on the planet. 

Simple to use and easy maintenance makes it an obvious choice for paintball players with all levels of experience. 


  • Nucleus engine -  Offers extremely high end performance and efficiency while requiring minimal maintenance to keep it running.
  • Power Select - Dual power source offers you the choice of running your marker on AA batteries in the fore grip or an optional rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery that fits within the grip frame compartment.
  • GripShift technology - offers players a way to customize the fit of the marker to their specific needs.
  • LeverLock feedneck + Cam Drive ASA - makes setup a breeze while offering a durable and reliable system for attaching the air system and loader
  • AccuLock Barrel System - improves accuracy and adaptability for a variety of grades and brands of paintballs

Price: AUD $2,445.00

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