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Paintball Field - Startup's

Are you thinking of starting a paintball field?

Buy paintball gear and paintball equipment at wholesale prices.

We are Austra;ia's largest paintball wholesaler and distributor of paintball products. We can supply you every kind of paintball gear and equipment you need to start your paintball business.  From paintball guns, paintball goggles, paintball coveralls, paintball, paintball markers, paintball gloves, radio and communications equipment, paintball clothing, paintball chronographs, paintball squeegees, basically every paintball product to get a new paintball field operational. We are Australia's most respected paintball wholesaler servicing the large majority of paintball fields throughout Australia.

We have helped virtually every paintball field in Australia.

Ask us for recommendations on the correct way to set up a paintball field, the most reliable equipment, hints and tips, legislation and compliance requirements. Also local council requirements, firearms registry details and public liability insurance. We can help you get it right the first time.

Advice is free and confidential. 

For assistance, contact Steve on 0413 500 246

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