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.50 CAL
.50 CAL : PAINTBALL Lite -GOG eNMEy .50 Caliber- Racer Red
PAINTBALL Lite  -GOG eNMEy .50 Caliber- Racer Red

Highly Efficient:

GOG design and 50 caliber combine in one super efficient marker. Average velocities of 250fps yield over 1200 shots from a 48ci compressed air system or over 300 shots from a ultra compact 13ci.


True Pneumatic Design:

No batteries, no hammer, no sear, no kick...

The eNMEy .50 cal valve is not powered by springs. precisely balances gas pressures and a light, crisp pneumatic trigger provide high end preformance at an entry level price.


Simple to Maintain:

The eNMEy .50cal valve core can be removed for cleaning or repair as a single unit with no tools required. With only one key movng part and no metal on metal wear, the aircraft grade aluminum valve core is fast and simple to maintain.


Regulated Low Pressure:

Whether using C02 or compressed air, the eNMEy .50cal's integrated regulator stabilizes gas pressure for consistent velocity. Running at 130 psi nominal, the eNMEy .50cal is gentle enough to handle even the most brittle .50 caliber paintball with ease.


Dual-Gas Compatible:

An integrated relief valve completely protects the pneumatic components in the eNMEy .50cal from the pressure spikes often associated with liquid C02, while the vertical regulator compensates for pressure flucations, allowing for a stable velocity with compressed air or C02


Perfect for Younger Players:

The reduced impact of .50 caliber paintball is rapidly gaining popularity as a gateway to bring younger players in the sport. The compact and lightweight eNMEy .50 cal combined with a low profile loader and a 13 ci airsystem gives a high-tech field ready marker but sitll fits small hands withouth weighing them down.

PAINTBALL Lite -GOG eNMEy .50 Caliber- Racer Red
Product Code: HSPB9244

The eNMEy offers tournament-proven spool-valve performance at an entry level price.


With no hammer, mainspring or batteries the all pneumatic eNMEy is the perfect marker for new players or field rental.

  • Hammer free pneumatic design
  • Semi automatic firing mode
  • Mulit-Gas Operation
  • Light Pneumatic Trigger
  • Simple Maintenance with bolt out back design
  • Low Bolt Pressure Anti-Chop technology
  • Field Legal
  • Seal Forward Technology
  • Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator
  • Vertical Feed Breech – Clamping Feedneck
  • Standard GOG Barrel Thread


Price: AUD $240.00

PAINTBALL Lite  -GOG eNMEy .50 Caliber- Black
PAINTBALL Lite  -GOG eNMEy .50 Caliber- Freak Green
PAINTBALL Lite  -GOG eNMEy .50 Caliber- Razor Blue