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HOPPERS : MARKERS : Dye Rotor Lid - Clear
Dye Rotor Lid - Clear

Dye Rotor Lid - Clear
Product Code: HSPB8920

The Rotor Lid is designed to fit the standard Rotor carrier. The Rotor lid is not designed to fit any other loader or aftermarket carrier that is not manufactured by DYE. Designed for maximum strength and durability. Securely locks down in the closed position to ensure paintballs don't spill out and that dirt and other elements stay out. The Rotor lid's tear-drop shape allows the lid to be opened quickly and easily. In addition, the lid's shape helps enable the user to navigate opening and closing the lid without visual aid. The transparent design of the Rotor lid allows you to quickly check the level of paint in your Rotor.

Price: AUD $18.50

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