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LASER : Tippmann Barracuda
Tippmann Barracuda

Barracuda System Features & Benefits

    -Uses the body of a Paintball Marker for a real paintball experience
    -Built-in electronics eliminates need for CO2 tank providing a super lightweight marker
    -Infrared (IR) Laser Barrel is permanently attached to Paintball Marker
    -Radio Frequency (RF) Receiver is permanently attached to ball feed elbow of Paintball Marker
    -Laser is activated by the electronics in the paintball marker when the trigger is pulled
    -Receiver being hit by laser barrel relays back to other receiver who was shot
    -Receiver shows # of shots, # of hits and # of players eliminated
    -Lights and sounds advise player when a hit is made and who has been hit or eliminated
    -Fun Center Operator can control time, # of shots and lives for each system and game
    -CCM (Command Center Module) makes set up and tracking of game easy to do
    -Players at end of game can see statistics and be able to go online to track results
    -Marker body included in purchase price of system

Paintball Laser Tag
Tippmann Barracuda
Product Code: HSPB9173

Get the real feel of paintball without the mess

Simply put, Paintball Laser Tag offers the most cost-effective way to increase sales and expose new players to the sport. The sport of paintball is one of the world’s most exciting “extreme” participation activities. Paintball is played by over 5 million teens and adults in the U.S. alone and in 100+ countries worldwide, all drawn to it by the adrenaline-pumping action and thrill of team-on-team competition.

Paintball Laser Tag is the new realistic and painless way to play paintball without the mess! Unlike traditional paintball and other laser tag systems, Paintball Laser Tag can be enjoyed indoor and outdoors, is portable and low cost. For most fun centers, the stand-alone Barracuda™ System will offer the most cost-effective
and quickest return on investment in the industry.

Price: AUD $748.00

Tippmann CCM