Custom Jersey Design

The first step to an awesome, custom made team jersey is the creation of the design. Select the option that is best for you and our customisation experts will guide you through the rest of the process. Your unique jersey and team wear design will be ready in no time!


100% Custom design created by our artists for all of your team wear, with one flat fee.


  • Our designers will create an exclusive design just for you and your squad. This design fee covers your jersey design as well as all of your team wear with a matching design.

  • Unlimited amendments. We'll keep working on your design until it's kick ass.

  • We'll keep your design stored in our database. Future reprints of the same design will be at no extra cost.

The easy & affordable way to get a custom design in no time.


  • Choose a design from our extensive gallery and add your team & sponsors logos, player names and numbers.

  • Modify the basic colours.

  • Get matching team wear with the same design at no extra cost.

  • We'll keep your design stored in our database. Future reprints of the same design will be at no extra cost.

Every squad needs a proper logo! Our artists can create a striking logo based on your vision.


  • Get a professionally designed team logo.

  • Unlimited amendments. Our designers will keep working on your logo until you are happy with it.

  • High resolution, print quality file of your logo will be delivered to you at the end of the process.

  • Peace of mind that your logo will print beautifully on your new jersey.





Choose either a Full Custom or Semi Custom Design.
Discuss with your fellow team mates the:
- Design concept
- Team logo (or have Anthrax design you one)
- Colour scheme

Note: Do not include yellow in your colour scheme as this is a reserved tournament colour.


Gather all relevent information and click here to
send it to us and Anthrax’s design service will finalise
your concept.


After designs have been finalised, complete the
Order Form and lodge with Hot Shots.


Why use our service?

We make it easy!

Plus Hot Shots provide competitive rates which are generally more economical than ordering direct from Anthrax.