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IMPORTANT The sale of paintball markers is subject to State and Federal licensing and regulations and will only be sold in accordance with these laws. Laws do vary from state to state. All purchases must be made via a registered gun dealer.

  Dangerous Power  
  Planet Eclipse  
  Dangerous Power G5 - Black  
  AUD $329.00  
  DYE - MaXXeD RIZE - Black/Lime  
  DYE - MaXXeD RIZE - Blue/Grey  
  DYE - MaXXeD RIZE - Grey/Orange  
  DYE - RIZE - Black  
  DYE - RIZE - Blue  
  DYE - RIZE - Lime  
  DYE - RIZE - Red  
  Dye M2- Black Gold  
  Dye M2- Carbon  
  Dye M2- Crimson Winter  
  Dye M2- Dark Shadows  
  Dye M2- Deep Water  
  DYE Proto Rail- Black  
  DYE Proto Rail- Blue  
  DYE Proto Rail- Clear  
  DYE Proto Rail- Lime  
  DYE Proto Rail- Olive  
  DYE Proto Rail- Red  
  DYE Proto Rail- Tan  
  DYE Rail MaXXed- Black Lime  
  DYE Rail MaXXed- Graphite Clear  
  DYE Rail MaXXed- Navy Tan  
  DYE Reflex Rail- Barracks Black  
  DYE Reflex Rail- Barracks Green  
  DYE Reflex Rail- Black Graphite  
  DYE Reflex Rail- Clear Dust  
  DYE Reflex Rail- Gold Red  
  DYE Reflex Rail- Lime Black  
  DYE Reflex Rail- Navy Green  
  DYE Reflex Rail- Red Grey  
  DYE Reflex Rail- Skinned Cyan  
  DYE Reflex Rail- Skinned Lime  
  DYE Reflex Rail- Skinned Red  
  AUD $199.00  
  GOG eNMEy : BLUE  
  AUD $199.00  
  AUD $199.00  
  GOG eNMEy : RED  
  AUD $199.00  
  AUD $199.00  
  AUD $199.00  
  LUXE DLX 2.0  
  Macdev Clone 5S - Aqua/Lime  
  AUD $2,200.00  
  Macdev Clone 5S - Black  
  AUD $2,200.00  
  Macdev Clone 5S - Blue/Black  
  AUD $2,200.00  
  Macdev Clone 5S - Blue/Red  
  AUD $2,200.00  
  Macdev Clone 5S - Green/Grey  
  AUD $2,200.00  
  Macdev Clone 5S - Purple/Lime  
  AUD $2,200.00  
  Macdev Clone 5S - Red/Black  
  AUD $2,200.00  
  Macdev Clone 5S - Silver/Black  
  AUD $2,200.00  
  Macdev Drone 2S - Black  
  AUD $800.00  
  Macdev Drone 2S - Blue  
  AUD $800.00  
  Macdev Drone 2S - Grey  
  AUD $800.00  
  Macdev Drone 2S - Lime  
  AUD $800.00  
  Macdev Drone 2S - Olive  
  AUD $800.00  
  Macdev Drone 2S - Red  
  AUD $800.00  
  Planet Eclipse CS1.5 - ATLANTIC 3  
  AUD $2,099.00  
  Planet Eclipse CS1.5 - COMBAT 5  
  AUD $2,099.00  
  Planet Eclipse CS1.5 - EMBERS 4  
  AUD $2,099.00  
  Planet Eclipse CS1.5 - LIGHT TROOPER  
  AUD $2,099.00  
  Planet Eclipse CS1.5 - MIDNIGHT  
  AUD $2,099.00  
  Planet Eclipse CS1.5 - VYPR3  
  AUD $2,099.00  
  Planet Eclipse ETEK5 - Black  
  Planet Eclipse ETEK5 - Blue  
  Planet Eclipse ETEK5 - Grey  
  Planet Eclipse ETEK5 - HDE Forest  
  Planet Eclipse ETEK5 - Red  
  Planet Eclipse ETHA 2 - Black  
  AUD $595.00  
  Planet Eclipse ETHA 2 - Black Earth  
  AUD $595.00  
  Planet Eclipse ETHA 2 - HDE Earth  
  AUD $595.00  
  SP Shocker RSX- Black  
  SP Shocker RSX- Blue  
  SP Shocker RSX- Green  
  SP Shocker RSX- Pink  
  SP Shocker RSX- Purple  
  SP Shocker RSX- Red  
  SP Shocker RSX- Teal  
  Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Marker  
  AUD $245.00  
  Tippmann C3  
  AUD $300.00  
  Tippmann CFM - Basic Marker  
  AUD $350.00  
  Tippmann FT-12 Marker  
  AUD $199.00  
  Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker : Black  
  AUD $140.00  
  Tippmann Tango One  
  AUD $195.00